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Hello loser. Welcome to My website.

I am a True Goddess 24/7. I'm not just one of those online people who are all talk. I was born to be worshipped by losers like you around the clock.

You may be tempted to look at my pics on here and pull your tiny package out. Remember that the only thing I want to see coming out of your pants is your WALLET!

I will be the center of your life. I will give you purpose to your pathetic life! you are My property! As long as you obey Me then you will be allowed to stay in My world. If not, you will be banished, ignored and forgotten in a heartbeat!

Don't just call Me and ring My phone, freakboy. I will NOT answer random calls. Message Me on Yahoo IM as littleamber18 to get permission to call.

Message Me now, My little bitch!

Don't make Me wait.
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